Honors Faculty

Attention Faculty: Are you interested in teaching an Honors course?

Please consider applying to the Richland Honors Faculty. New Honors Faculty members complete a New Honors Faculty Proposal Form. Returning Honors Faculty members who are already teaching an Honor course need to complete a Returning Honors Faculty Form. Return forms to Kathleen Stephens at kstephens@dcccd.edu by June 9, 2017, in order to be considered for spring 2018.

In addition to teaching an Honors course, Richland’s Honors Faculty members are involved in the Honors Academy community by attending events and sponsoring co-curricular and extra-curricular activities whenever possible.

If you currently teach at Richland College and are interested in becoming an Honors Faculty member:

  • Any interested faculty should begin by discussing their interest with their lead faculty coordinator and dean well before the proposal deadline.
  • Once the faculty member, program coordinator, and dean select a potential course, complete and submit the New Honors Faculty Proposal Form (above). If you have any questions about the process or the form, please contact Kathleen Stephens at kstephens@dcccd.edu.
  • Submitted proposals should describe how your Honors course would achieve the Honors Student Learning Outcomes, focusing on ideas and activities you would like to develop.
  • The Honors Council will evaluate the proposals to determine the suitability of the course for Honors based on proposed content and anticipated enrollment and will inform faculty of a decision about their proposal as soon as possible.
  • All new Honors Faculty members attend an Honors Faculty training workshop prior to the start of their first semester teaching Honors. This workshop will help you develop your proposal ideas into a complete course, including providing tips and ideas from previous Honors Faculty members based on what worked in their Honors courses.
  • Note: Proposals may be submitted for a course already offered as Honors in anticipation of teaching it when the current faculty member’s term ends or in case additional Honors sections are needed in an upcoming semester.

What are the requirements for an Honors course?

Honors courses are primarily selected by anticipated enrollment and by interest from Honors students, but there are a few requirements. The proposed Honors course:

  • Must be a core curriculum course
  • Must be a MWF, MW, or TR course
  • May not be an online or evening section
  • May not be a special topic or other altered title/course description

To propose an Honors course for the fall of 2017, please submit the appropriate form found at the top of this page to Kathleen Stephens at kstephens@dcccd.edu by October 21, 2016.