Potential Honors Student FAQs

What are the admission requirements for the Honors Academy?

Admission requirements may be found here.

How do I apply to the Honors Academy?

The application is an online application and is evaluated year-round. Give us one to two business days to respond to you with our decision.

Do I have to take an Honors course to be a part of the Honors Academy?

No, but students who are taking Honors courses feel that they are more a part of the Honors community than students who are not taking Honors courses.

What is the difference between the Honors Academy and the Honor Societies, such as Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)?

The Honors Academy is an academic program on campus that offers students the opportunity to take Honors courses. Students apply for the Honors Academy. There are no fees associated with applying to or joining the Honors Academy. The Honor Societies PTK and NSCS are by invitation only. Students receive invitations to join the Honor Societies and pay membership dues.

Which advisor do I see and when?

If you are not a Dual Credit or RCHS student, you are advised by the Honors Advisor once you are accepted into the Honors Academy. The Honors Advisor takes appointments. You are encouraged to see the Honors Advisor once during each of the following “Advising Seasons” or at any time you need assistance: “Fall Registration” (June through August); “Fall Degree Planning and Completion” (September and October); “Fall Transfer, Scholarship, and Pre-Registration” (October and November); “Spring Registration” (December); “Spring Degree Planning and Completion” (January and February); “Spring Transfer, Scholarship, and Pre-Registration” (March, April, and May). If you are a Dual Credit or RCHS student, your advising is handled by your high school counselor.

What happens if my GPA drops below a 3.25?

If you are not a Dual Credit or RCHS student, you will have a hold placed on your account. The hold will prevent you from registering until you see the Honors Advisor. At that point, you will decide with the help of the Honors Advisor if you’d like to be a “provisional” Honors student for the next semester and complete a contract for that semester. You and the advisor will mutually agree upon the details of the contract.
If you are a Dual Credit or RCHS student, your advising is handled by your high school counselor.

Why are some classes offered as Honors and others are not?

Honors classes are mostly core classes that are easily transferrable to four-year institutions. Faculty members propose courses to be taught as Honors. While we like to have a variety of courses, a faculty member must propose the course, so our offerings ultimately depend upon the willingness of faculty to teach Honors. If you really like your professor and course, suggest to that professor that he or she propose an Honors course!

I have questions about Honors. What do I do?

You may contact the Honors Academy at RLCHonors@dcccd.edu or stop by El Paso Hall, Room 055, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. We are happy to answer your questions.
Additional Frequently Asked Questions may be found on the Honors eCampus if you are already admitted to the Honors Academy.