Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to juggle school, work and your personal life? Get help from Journey to Success!

Journey to Success is a program that helps you improve your study habits and organize your life so that you can achieve your academic and career goals.

At Richland College, students who are enrolled in enrolled in at least one credit course are eligible for the Journey to Success Program. An instructor can refer you, or you can request a success coach yourself.

We ask that you first speak to your professor about any specific subject matter. If you feel that you could use a little extra support, guidance, or encouragement to achieve your academic goals, let us know as soon as possible.

We team you with a success coach who volunteers his or her time to help you. The success coach will connect you to the college services or information you need to succeed. All of the success coaches are DCCCD employees and have received training on how to be an effective coach. The program is absolutely free to you.