Program Sequence DREA 0091

Developmental Reading 0091 DREA 0091

Preparation for College Reading, TSI & THEA

You should enroll in DREA 0091 if:

  • Your placement scores indicate this is the appropriate course.
  • You have some degree of proficiency with fundamental reading comprehension and study skills.
  • You have difficulty applying critical reading/ thinking skills and could benefit from a review.


DREA 0091 is for students who have completed DREA 0090 or who have appropriate assessment test scores.

Course Description:

Students will review fundamental reading comprehension and study skills necessary for success in college and life. The focus is on comprehending main ideas, supporting details, organizational patterns in writing, and vocabulary in context. Critical reading/thinking skills are introduced. In addition, students practice reading skills using software in the computer lab.


Opening Doors: Understanding College Reading, Seventh Edition, by Janet Elder and Joe Cortina (McGraw-Hill, 2014)

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