Program Sequence DWRI (0090)

You should enroll in Writing 0090 if:

  • Your placement scores indicate this is the appropriate course.
  • You do not have a basic understanding of sentence structure.
  • You have difficulty in organizing thoughts into paragraphs.
  • You do not have a basic understanding of the academic essay.

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the writing process. Basic sentence skills and development of ideas into paragraphs and short essays are emphasized. A learning lab is available to provide additional assistance. (3 Lec.)
(Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 3201085335)


Required: Tools for Writing, Books 1 & 2, by Dr. Rita Smilkstein; (ISBN 978-0-9618469-3-0)

Comments: DWRI 0090 focuses primarily on forming thoughts into sentences and paragraphs.