Program Description

Why take Global Studies Classes?

Our purpose in offering Global Studies Classes at Richland College is to help prepare students to succeed in the Twenty-First Century. We are each part of several diverse communities whether at work, at school, at home or at leisure. In the next millennium each of us will interact with even more people as our society becomes even more complex. As individuals, and as members of local, state, national and global communities, we will all play a role in the search for solutions to some of our world’s major problems. Confronting those problems and value laden issues such as: peace, ecological balance, social and economic justice, intercultural understanding, democratic participation, and the impact of technology, is why the Global Studies Program exists.

In our Global Studies classrooms we offer the opportunity, not only to learn about these issues and our diverse world, but to become active agents of change.

How can I participate in the Global Studies Program?

Service Learning Component
Fundamental to the Global Studies program is the concept that students have opportunities to be active in the community. Some Global Studies classes will include an academically based service-learning project. Projects will offer the student the opportunity to relate service in the community to the work they are doing in the classroom. All Global Studies classes not specifically designated as service-learning still include the opportunity for community involvement through an individual Service-Learning project, or your instructor may offer you extra credit for participating in other volunteer programs.

Class Options
Global Studies classes are offered in three formats:

  • Learning Community Classes, which include courses from several disciplines taught by a faculty team.
  • Individual Classes, in which students learn how global issues apply to a particular discipline.
  • Service Learning Classes

Global Studies Certificates and Scholars

Students have the opportunity to earn a Global Studies Certificate, and possibly become a Global Studies Scholar. Requirements for each are as follows:

Global Studies Certificate

  • Successfully complete 15 hours of Global Studies classes, including at least one Learning Community class.
  • Successfully complete a service-learning project in at least one Global Studies class.
  • Successfully complete ENGL 1301 (Global Studies Core Course).

Global Scholar Award

  • Complete the requirements listed above for the certificate.
  • Complete the required 15 hours with at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Successfully complete at least one year of a foreign language.

How can I learn more about Global Studies Classes?

Visit the Global Studies office, B227, or call 972-238-6223. Applications for Global Studies Scholarships are located in the Student Program Office (SPAR) E040 or Academic Enrichment, B227.