Program Description

Five types of learning communities are:

Coordinated Studies: Multi-disciplinary program involving a cohort of students and team of faculty drawn from different disciplines, taught in an intensive block mode using a central theme. This approach employs a variety of teaching formats, labs, workshops and seminars with all faculty members attending parts of the program.

Federated Learning Communities: Cohort of students and Master Learner enroll in two or more "federated" in-place courses and participate in a content -synthesizing seminar; faculty of federated courses may offer an additional "core course" designed to enhance program theme.

Student Interest Groups: Cohort of freshmen students enrolled in a small group in two or more in-place classes that meet weekly with a peer advisor.

Clusters: Cohort of students enrolled in two or more discrete courses linked by common themes, historical periods, issues, problem.

Linked courses: Cohort of students enrolled in two courses, frequently a skills course and a content course.