Science Corner

Contact Information Location & Hours

Location: Sabine Hall, 2nd floor
972-238-6226 or 972-669-6452

Summer Hours
Mon-Thur: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Fri – Sun: Closed

Here in the Science Corner at Richland College, students can study before and between classes, receive tutoring from tutors provided by the Learning Center (LC), get questions they may have answered by faculty and staff. In addition, we provide additional study resources for students while they are in the Science Corner to help enhance their learning opportunities such as periodic tables, biology, geology, physics, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology related posters and study materials…. Also, a schedule will be posted each semester of the tutor/faculty hours for each subject that students can refer to all semester as well as copies to take with them when they need tutoring.

Let us help make students learning opportunities while at Richland College and in preparation for additional academic experiences after graduating from Richland for many and various chosen career paths. The Science Corner is conveniently located on the 2nd floor above the book store in the new science building where students will be close to and have access to additional study tools, resources, tutors, science faculty and staff needed when studying for various science courses.

The Science Corner is a place where students can:

  • meet with study groups in a location near science classrooms, labs and faculty
  • attend review/help sessions
  • get help from science tutors
  • get help from science faculty during their office hours

Richland Science Students:
Please take time this semester to go to the 2nd floor area above the book store of our science building and use the Science Corner as an additional resource to help you excel in your science courses.