Contact Information
Gabe Randle
Program Service Coordinator
El Paso Hall: E082B (Inside LakeSide Resource Center)
(972) 238-6292
Program OverviewMAP

The Male Achievement Program (MAP) of Richland College is a higher education based student development association which seeks to increase the retention and college completion of male/minority students.

Through the offering of various activities and events, the MAP aims to help participants develop personal & leadership skills as well as achieve their individual, career and academic goals.

Program Features
  • Peer Networking – Academic / Colleague support system
  • Family Environment – Genuine Supportive Interactions
  • Discussion Groups – Honest, Relevant, Real-Life, Meaningful Dialogue
  • Promote Completion – Associate Degree and Professional Certifications
  • Leadership Development – Participant-coordinated and Led Activities
  • Group Connection – MAP Program Apparel and Accessories
  • Goal Commitment – Goal-Setting and Success Planning
  • Mentorship – Mentor Others / Be Mentored by Faculty/Staff
  • Success Workshops – Topics for Personal & Academic Thriving
  • Character Development – Honor & Incorporate ThunderValues
  • Personal Development – Self, Career, Relationships, Finances etc.
What else does the MAP offer?

Activities, Events, Workshops, Discussions, Movies, Resources, Networking, Mentoring, Having Fun, Helping, Risk-taking, Studying, Reading, Achieving, Teamwork, Challenges, Planning, Goal-Setting, Eating, Practicing, Traveling, Representing, Leading, Following, Working, Talking, Listening, Growing, Watching, Learning, Unlearning, Growing, Encouraging, Inspiring, Motivating, Dreaming, Believing, Performing, Consulting, Addressing, and Progressing.

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