Detailed Program Features

Program Information SessionMAP

Program Information Sessions are randomly scheduled, generally two (2) times per semester and are designed to help promote and grow The MAP.

  • Open to all students, Male & Female
  • Generally held during campus functions such as “Club Fair Day”
  • Opportunity for Program Officers and Participants to Recruit
Student Body Event

Student Body Events such as Seminars, Conferences and large-scale campus functions are randomly sponsored or supported by The MAP.

  • Open to all students, Male & Female
  • Opportunity for participants to demonstrate and develop leadership skills
  • Program will often volunteer to support Office of Student Life functions
    • Annual Multicultural Festival
    • District Wide Man Up Conference
    • Campus Cinco De Mayo Celebration
    • Campus Talent Show etc.
Study Hall Session

Study Hall Sessions, generally held once per month, are opportunities for participants to designate an hour or so to studying. Sessions might be held more often such as at the end of the semester or during testing seasons.

  • Open to all students, Male & Female
  • Snacks sometimes served
  • Opportunity to focus on academics in a quiet environment
  • Opportunity to involve non program participants in a program activity
Mentoring Session

Mentoring Meetings are meetings where faculty/staff mentors meet one-on-one or as a group with their assigned program participant(s). All Program Participants are assigned a mentor and they meet for at least one (1) hour each month.

  • Open to MAP participants only
  • One-on-one opportunity to meet with a faculty/staff mentor
  • Opportunity to discuss personal, academic successes and challenges
  • Benefit from the expertise of faculty/staff of Richland College
  • Establish a working relationship with a seasoned campus professional
Discussion Group Meeting

Discussion Group Meetings are generally held twice a month for approximately 90 minutes. The MAP Program Coordinator serves as the primary facilitator for these meetings where considerate meaningful communication occurs.

  • Open to MAP participants only
  • Lunch generally served
  • Opportunity for participants and coordinator to discuss impactful issues
  • Opportunity to speak openly about personal and general events & topics
  • Opportunity to develop character and engage in critical thinking
  • Discuss life issues which often impede the educational process/experience such as health, relationships, dating, employment, finances, manhood decisions etc.
Success Workshop

Personal/Academic Success Workshops are generally held twice a month for approximately 90 minutes. Often an internal or external guest speaker or presenter is asked to lead the workshop on various topics.

  • Open to MAP participants only
  • Lunch generally served
  • Activities designed to promote success in school and life.
  • Interact with staff from career center, the learning center etc.
  • Topics such as finances, credit, time/money management, college transfers, study habits, classroom etiquette, resume writing and more
Personal Development Group Meeting

In order to progress to the highest program level, participants are asked to attend a session of counseling or participate in a personal development group meeting. Meetings are held once per month for approximately 90 minutes. These meetings are generally facilitated by the Program Coordinator and focuses on exploring and overcoming personal challenges.

  • Open to MAP participants only
  • Lunch or snacks generally served
  • Opportunity to reflect on and discuss personal challenges
  • Opportunity to enhance and improve self-awareness
  • Opportunity to prepare for the highest program achievement level
Leadership Development Activity

Leadership Development Activities are randomly scheduled events where participants have the opportunity to not only gain new skills but to demonstrate their existing skills.

  • Open to MAP participants only
  • Opportunity to build a resume of activity coordination and leadership
  • Opportunity to work with other program leaders and network
  • Opportunity to learn new tasks and develop various skills.
Program Officer Meeting

Participant led Program Officer Meetings are generally scheduled for once per month for approximately 90 minutes. These meetings are overseen by the Program Coordinator but facilitated by program participants (Program Officers).

  • Open to MAP Program Officers only
  • Lunch or Snacks generally served
  • Opportunity to reflect on and discuss recent program activities
  • Opportunity to enhance program operations and outcomes
  • Opportunity to enhance meeting facilitation skills
  • Opportunity to network with other Program Officers
  • Opportunity to serve as Program Leadership Council Member
  • Opportunity to mentor those who want to become Program Officers

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