Officer Positions

The following positions are elected within the Student Ambassador Program:


  • Send out meeting invites and reminders in a timely manner
  • Facilitate Ambassador meetings
  • Work closely with the Secretary to prepare for meetings
  • Oversee the Student Ambassadors’ executive board


  • Prepare the meeting agendas and recap notes
  • Take notes during the meetings
  • Work closely with the President for meeting preparation

Project Coordinator

  • Coordinate volunteers for campus tours and Office of Student Life activities and events
  • Coordinate recruiting and tabling events as well as student participation for approved off campus activities

Entertainment Coordinator

  • Research and plan social activities
  • Present ideas and conduct voting activities at monthly meetings
  • Make reservations as needed
  • All activities are based upon advisor approval

Public Relations Guru

  • Take photos or videos of meetings, special events and activities
  • Create and maintain Facebook page and scrapbook
  • Promote the Student Ambassador Program on campus