Student Clubs & Organizations

An important part of your educational journey lies in student organizational involvement. Here at Richland, we have over 35 student organizations for you to choose from. Educational research shows that students who join a club, or otherwise get involved in campus life, tend to succeed in their studies. Plus, meaningful involvement in extracurricular activities can give you the needed edge when competing for jobs and scholarships.

Here are some reasons to join a student organization during your college career here at Richland.

  • College & Community Networking
  • Development of Social Skills/Personality Development
  • Professional Experiences/Resume Building
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Service Learning/Community Building Opportunities
  • Potential Alumni Connections
  • Organizational Management Experience
  • IT’S FUN! Participating in student organizations can lead to lifelong friendships and experiences.

Interested in Starting a Club or Organization at Richland?

The Office of Student Life encourages student participation in all activities. If an organization, club, or interest group is not on campus, please come to Student Life (E040) and we will help you bring it to campus! For more information view this guide.

Currently Recognized Clubs & Organizations

For an updated list of all the clubs and organizations, please click here or please stop by the Office of Student Life (E040).