Resource Development helps Richland College find money for projects and programs that support the Strategic Plan. The office deals with institutional grantors, including government agencies, foundations, and corporations. The office is also the relationship manager for past, current, and potential future institutional grantors to the College. This is important because Richland College-as an institution-and external funders-as other institutions-can have relationships that last for decades, extending far beyond a given project or grant.

Please contact Resource Development before you contact a funder-even for a sponsorship. Also, remember that there is a protocol for accepting noncash gifts such as equipment, and you should contact Resource Development in these situations, too.

If you need external funding, please check with your academic leader or supervisor first. If you are in agreement, please complete the very short “request for research” form under “I want to find money,” below.

Contact Garth Clayton, Ph.D., CFRE, Dean of Resource Development, at 972-238-6357.

Process Map

The Process Map shows the grant development process approved by the Thunder Team.

I want to find money for my project or program.

Here is the Grant Concept / Research Request Form along with an example.

I want to learn more about writing proposals/applications.

Here are a couple of resources on proposal writing basics:

I’m ready to develop a grant proposal/application.

Fill out the Grant Concept / Research Request Form.

Your final proposal / application must be approved before submission. Use this Routing Form.

Facts Often Needed for Grant Proposals/Applications

Follow this link for data on Richland College that you may need for your proposal or application.