Richland’s refund policy for credit classes is published in its entirety in the online Richland College catalog.

Dropping a Class: Means dropping one or more classes for a given semester while remaining in others within the Dallas County Community College District.

Withdrawing From Classes: Means to officially drop all courses for a given semester within the Dallas County Community College District.

All refunds may take up to 30 days to process. Refunds and/or disbursements may be held indefinitely if you have certain blocks on your account or if you owe a prior financial obligation to the DCCCD.

Fall 2017

Students who officially drop a portion of their classes or withdraw from the college may be refunded a percentage of the total tuition paid on semester length classes, according to the following schedule:

100% refundBefore August 21st
70% refundAugust 21st through September 7th
25% refund September 8th through September 13th
No refundOn or after September 14th

If your class does not start on the first day of the semester and end on the last day of the semester, your refund dates could be different than the ones listed above. Please contact the Admissions Office for these dates.

Richland College reserves the right to assign a different instructor to teach a course after publication of this class schedule. Such changes are not grounds for a refund. All Richland College faculty are qualified to teach in their field.

For information regarding how you will receive your refunds and financial aid disbursements, please visit our eRefunds page.