Set up Tuition Installment Plan Online

  1. From the eConnect Menu choose “Set up or Update My Pay Plan”.
  2. If you have not already logged in to eConnect, you will be prompted to log in. Select “Set up a new pay plan and pay the down payment” at the bottom of the screen or “Make changes to an existing pay plan”. Note: Pay Plan options are only available for a limited time for Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. Select your college from the drop down menu.
  4. Classes that are currently on your pay plan, if any, have been selected. Please select additional classes you would like added or deselect the classes you would like removed from your plan.
  5. Click on “submit”to update your Pay Plan.
  6. Read and “Accept” the terms of your Pay Plan Agreement.
  7. Click on “submit.”
    NOTE: If no money is due on your Pay Plan skip to #11.
    The system recalculates the pay plan agreement each time updates (changes) are made to the plan. If no money is due, the system will “skip the payment process” and take the student to a page that displays the appropriate “Pay Plan” message.
  8. Select a Payment Type to make your payment.
  9. Provide your credit card information. All fields are required.
    NOTE: The information that you enter on this screen must match that of the cardholder, including billing address & zip code. Failure to provide matching information can result in a denial of transaction.
  10. “Submit” the form. Wait until the transaction is complete. DO NOT click the back button on your browser.
    NOTE: If your payment does not go through, your Pay Plan will not be updated.
  11. Print your payment confirmation OR your Pay Plan message.

If you have questions concerning your Pay Plan, please contact Richland College Business Services at 214-890-3874.

Making a payment after pay plan is set up – to make an installment payment before it is due, the system returns a message stating that the installment payment is not yet due, but that they can make a payment in any amount toward the installment payment, up to the full balance on the plan.