Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit has video tapes and brochures on safety-related topics for classroom presentation and individual viewing. For information call (972)238-6174. Crime prevention information is available at several locations on the campus. The Crime Prevention Unit will supply crime prevention articles and monthly statistics to “The Bridge” (staff newsletter) and “The Chronicle” (student newspaper) for publication. The unit is staffed by Certified Crime Prevention Specialists (CCPS) as recognized by the Texas State Crime Prevention Association.

Because no campus is isolated from crime; the key to preventing crime is awareness, which is best achieved through education! It is the philosophy of Richland College to PREVENT crimes rather than react to them AFTER they occur. Richland College’s crime prevention program is based upon the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, where ever and when ever possible, and encouraging students and staff to be responsible for their own safety and security, as well as, the safety and security of others. This program is accomplished in the following manner:

New Student Orientation

A brochure handout is made available to students

New Employee Orientation

A crime prevention presentation accompanied by a brochure handout is made available to new employees being oriented to Richland College, during the Fall Semester.

Crime Awareness/Prevention Presentations

Crime prevention presentations are made monthly to various campus groups.


An Escort Service is available for the student’s and employees’ safety – there may be times, however, when an officer is not immediately available for this service. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged, for their own safety, to walk in groups and not to accept escorts from strangers.

Printed Crime Prevention Materials (TIPS)

Distribute and display Crime Prevention brochures, posters, and flyers, related to crime awareness/prevention measures that the college community is encouraged to use to their advantage.

Security and Facilities Surveys

Surveys are conducted of the exterior lighting, exterior doors and grounds by the Richland College Campus Police Department/Physical Plant Department to promote and enhance the safety and security to the college community.

Crime Prevention Publicity

Crime prevention articles and material are routinely published in the student newspaper, “The Richland Chronicle” and The Richland Collegiate, the faculty/staff newsletter, “The Bridge.”

Special Alerts

If circumstances warrant it, special printed Crime Alerts can be prepared and distributed either selectively or throughout the campus. These Crime Alerts are provided to the college community to aid in the prevention of similar occurrences of crime.


Officers of the Richland College Campus Police Department perform routine patrols of the campus on foot in cars and on bicycles. The bike Patrol allows for a more personal and individualized contact with officers of the department.

Sexual Offense/Awareness

Prevention Education Programs are made available throughout the year to members of the college community; which may include training sessions, brochures, posters/flyers, bulletin boards, along with material covering this subject during the Orientation presentation.

Positive, Proactive sexual assault awareness/prevention

education programs can serve as a deterrent to sexual assaults and violence on campus. Sexual assaults and violence are serious problems that occur on virtually every college campus, nation wide. For recommended action to be taken following a Sexual Assault contact the Richland College Campus Police Department for further information. Victims of sexual assault have the right to choose counseling, medical treatment, prosecution and the reporting of their case, through the Richland College Judicial process / or the off-campus court system, as well as the right to refuse all of the above without reproach from any college personnel.

Comments or questions may be directed to the Richland College Police Department at