Sexual Assault Cases

(FORCIBLE AND NON-FORCIBLE) Pursuant to Public Law 102-325 (The Higher Education Amendments of 1992), Richland College has developed the following policy and procedures regarding sexual assault. All cases of sexual assault which occur on campus should be immediately reported to the College Police. Upon receipt of a report of this type, members of the College Police, Health Center and Crisis Intervention Team will be sent to render assistance to the victim’s immediate needs. Each of the service providers has specific duties to perform in a sexual assault investigation. If the victim requests, the Dallas Police Department will be notified for additional assistance.

If you are the victim of a sexual assault on campus, report the crime to the College Police immediately. It is necessary to arrange medical treatment, collect physical evidence and obtain a description of the assailant so an immediate investigation can begin. Medical assistance and counseling are available on campus and through other public social assistance agencies.

The College Police, Crime Prevention Unit, Health Center and counselors, present programs and provide information to help you safeguard yourself from becoming a crime victim. Please contact the Crime Prevention Unit, 972-238-6174, for a free key ring alert whistle, additional information or a program schedule. Information and confidential referrals for counseling and treatment are available through the following departments and social assistance agencies:

Richland College Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit(972)238-6174
Emergencies or to Report a Crime(972)238-6911
Human and Academic Development(972)238-6230
College Health Center(972)238-6135
Parkland Rape Crisis Center(214)590-0430

If you have experienced any type of sexual misconduct and/or harassment; if it has happened to you or someone you know, or suspect that it is being done to someone, it is your obligation to report it. If you see something, say something. Please contact:

Dr. Bill Dial
Executive Director, Human Resources
Title IX Administrator
ADA Coordinator

Complaint Incident Report Form

For additional information, you can also visit: title-ix-sexual-misconduct