What is the focus of the QEP?

The QEP focuses on:
  • one goal – to foster in our students the traits of the lifelong learner;
  • one Dimension of Learning Power – Changing and Learning; and
  • one student learning outcome – Students will demonstrate their capacity to change and learn through effort and the intentional practice of thinking.

The faculty QEP Implementation Team determined that the Dimension of Learning Power – Changing and Learning is central to student learning success because students need to have a sense of themselves as someone who learns and changes over time. The QEP Implementation Team agreed that empowering students to believe they can learn, as well as learning more about their own learning from momentary setbacks, should have a positive impact on student learning success throughout college and life.

What is the scope of the QEP?

Implementation of the QEP involves four courses: the mandatory Learning Framework 1300 Pre-Core course and one large-enrollment discipline course in each of the three tiers of the Richland College Core Curriculum. The large-enrollment, tier courses are English 1302, History 1301, and Government 2306.