About the RCHS

Richland Collegiate High School is a unique high school designed to provide a rigorous academic experience for high school juniors and seniors. Students can complete their last two years of high school at Richland College by taking college courses and earning college credits with a focus on mathematics, science, and engineering or visual, performing, and digital arts. Potentially, these students can graduate with both their high school diploma and an associate degree, ready to transfer to a four-year university. Tuition and books are free, making RCHS an educational and affordable choice.


The specific courses each RCHS student will take during their two years to earn a high school diploma while accumulating college credits ultimately depends on each individual student’s academic skills and career goals. However, students will not be allowed to select their courses without academic advisement. Students must first follow the path that leads to high school diploma. A student must enroll each semester through an RCHS academic advisor. They will review the student’s academic record to identify the courses the student should take the next semester and for the remainder of time at RCHS.

The RCHS Curriculum page has more specific details about the high school diploma and core curriculum with which RCHS students will graduate.

House Bill 5/Foundation Plan

What path should you choose to be successful? The House Bill 5/Foundation Plan explains the different endorsement options for RCHS students.

Program Requirements

Learn more about our Service Learning, Support Courses & Senior Project & Exhibition programs on our Program Requirements page.


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Nondiscrimination in Career & Technical Education Programs

Read about our nondiscrimination policy.

Board of Trustees

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