Adjunct Faculty Issues? RAFA might be able to help.

At recent meetings of adjuncts and the Richland Adjunct Faculty Association several issues have been discussed:

  • Campus Safety at Night
  • Can 120 Day Rehire Process be Handled on the Division Level
  • Divisions Helping New Adjuncts Familiarize Themselves With Teaching / Admin. Responsibilities
  • Lack of Faculty Parking
  • Laws Restricting Adjunct Teaching Hours
  • Pay & Extra Uncompensated Required Work Hours for Adjuncts
  • SB 11 Campus Carry
  • Utilizing Adjuncts Skills and Allow Them to Apply for Staff / Administrative Positions

Look for notices of future ‘Let’s Chat’ sessions. We’ll have more meetings on different days and at different times this fall and next spring.

We appreciate your comments, suggestions, complaints, and good ideas. Please encourage your colleagues to attend, and we hope to see you again.

There are about 765 adjunct instructors teaching at Richland College this fall; your opinion matters. If you’d like to add your voice to those who advocate on your behalf, consider applying for membership in RAFA.

Plug into Richland, Join RAFA!

Stay tuned to your Outlook email and the RAFA website for information on upcoming programs. Best yet, join us for all and more!

*Applications in ACCESS and online at the link above.

The RAFA Officers thank you.

Statement of Purpose

Representing over 700 Adjunct Faculty currently teaching for Richland College.

The purposes of the Richland Adjunct Faculty Association (RAFA) are to further the contributions of adjunct faculty to the Richland community; to further the interests of adjunct faculty; to provide a forum for discussion of mutual concerns; to act as a point of communications between adjunct faculty and administration; and to act as a point of communication between adjunct faculty and full-time faculty.

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