Articles of the Bylaws

Bylaws (pdf)


Organization Name (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

The organization name is Richland Adjunct Faculty Association (RAFA).


Official Status of Organization (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

RAFA is an official advisory body of Richland College.


Purposes of Organization (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

The purposes of RAFA are to further the contribution of adjunct faculty to the Richland College community, to further the interests of adjunct faculty, to provide a forum for discussion of mutual concerns, to act as a point of communication between adjunct faculty and administration and adjunct faculty and full-time faculty.


Organization Membership (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

Membership is open to all Richland College adjunct faculty. Dues are $10.00 per academic year. Only paid members can vote and hold office. Regular meetings are open to all interested parties.


Organization Officers, Elections and Voting (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

The officers will be President, Vice President, Vice President Web/eCampus, Vice President Distance Learning, Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist, and Presidents Emeritus. The officers shall be the Board of Directors of RAFA. Additional offices may be created as needed by the Board.

Temporary or permanent committees can be created by a majority vote of the Board. The President will appoint the members of the committees. The officers will be elected annually at the last meeting of each summer II session. Duties will commence immediately after the election. Vacancies in the Board shall be filled by a vote of the majority of the remaining members of the Board for the balance of the term of office.

The duties of the officers are as follows:

  • The President presides at all membership and Board meetings, prepares meeting agendas with the advice of other officers and members, appoints committee members, acts as the official representative of RAFA to other organizations, and carries out other duties as assigned by the Board.
  • The Vice President substitutes for the President whenever the President is unable to perform the assigned duties and carries out other duties as assigned by the Board.
  • Vice President Web/eCampus updates eCampus membership roster and RAFA website.
  • Vice President Distance Learning will assist all distance learning faculty as a portal of information
    and resources and develop higher ed learning resources.
  • The Secretary records, prepares, and provides minutes of regular meetings to the VP Web/eCampus to post on both eCampus and the website, and notifies members of meetings and events.
  • The Treasurer collects dues, maintains the general fund, monitors the professional development fund, and working with liaison in the ACCESS Center approves professional development grants according to current Richland/DCCCD policy. In addition, at each meeting the Treasurer arranges for the payment of bills, keeps financial records, and reports to the board the income, balances of RAFA funds and any disbursements. The Treasurer maintains the RAFA membership roster.
  • The Archivist maintains RAFA records and will organize historical data.

Professional Development Funds (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

Recipients of professional development funds must be members of RAFA. These funds may be used to go to professional development and conference activities in accordance with college policies. RAFA members must complete a RAFA professional development application along with an associated college form provided by Richland’s ACCESS Center. Requests for professional development funds will be accepted through August of the current academic year or until such funds are exhausted.

The recipient of professional development funds will be required to report details of the conference attended to RAFA. This can be done either by attending a RAFA meeting or by submitting a brief written report.


Organization Meetings (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

Regular membership meetings where official actions are taken will be scheduled by the Board. Meeting times will be posted in the ACCESS Center.


Organization Actions (Reviewed June 17, 2016)

All official actions of RAFA must have a quorum which is 2/3 of Board members. Actions will require a vote of the Board members present at any Board meeting.

Amendments to the Bylaws will be by a majority vote of the RAFA members present at any regular meeting, including a quorum of board members.