Professional Development Funds

Professional Development Funds

ARTICLE VI of the RAFA Bylaws:

Recipients of professional development funds must be members of RAFA. These funds may be used to go to professional development and conference activities in accordance with college policies. RAFA members must complete a RAFA professional development application along with an associated college form provided by Richland’s ACCESS Center. Requests for professional development funds will be accepted through August of the current academic year or until such funds are exhausted.

The recipient of professional development funds will be required to report details of the conference attended to RAFA. This can be done either by attending a RAFA meeting or by submitting a brief written report.

The RAFA policy guideline for Professional Development fund approval per academic year for each faculty member is as follows:

  • In-state, on the events program – $250
  • In-state, not on the events program – $200
  • Out-of-state, on the events program – $350
  • Out-of-state, not on the events program – $300

Application and Allocation Procedures

Inquire with the ACCESS Center’s office staff to obtain an application or click here. Complete the application, and return it to the RAFA Treasurer or Diane Graifemberg.

We want you to receive the greatest benefit possible from these funds. Enjoy your event!

We look forward to hearing how you will apply your newly learned knowledge to the Richland community, your discipline, and your students.