There are six standing committees: Executive Board, Fundraising, Legislative, Media Relations, Student Relations, and Student Spirit & Events.

Standing committees are permanent committees that are never disbanded. They don’t meet every week, but exist so that they can immediately address issues that come up.

The reason there are so many standing committees is to allow RCSGA to work on separate issues, because the full Council cannot meet often enough to work through every issue as a whole. These committees work out problems and meet with necessary staff, faculty and students to resolve major and minor details, then bring them to the council for a vote.

Once a meeting date is created, the advisors and members must be notified, so that they can attend, if they wish, even if they are not part of the Committee.

Executive Board

The members of this committee are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Historian. They work together to set meeting agendas, the docket (schedule of issues to discuss throughout the year), and to work out duties.

The President is the Chair, and the Secretary serves as secretary. Ambassadors also serve on the board, when the positions exist, but they are not needed for quorum.


The members of this committee (and all other committees) choose to join it. They then elect a chair or a chair is appointed. The chair then chooses a secretary. This committee focuses on making funds for travel and events.

They are made aware of the current RCSGA budget and purchasing goals of the executive board, so that they can determine how much money they need to raise.


This committee reviews constitutional questions, bills sent to outside organizations, and helps campus clubs create their constitution.

Media Relations

This committee promotes events and successes through posters, the campus paper, and any other means they can think up. This committee serves as public relations. This committee is also authorized to poll students to find out their concerns.

Student Relations

This committee works with new students and their concerns. This committee was formed to find ways of helping Richland students that only students might see.

Student Spirit & Events

This committee plans parties that the council has chosen to have. It also helps clubs hold their events, such as fundraising and membership drives.