Student Government acts as a liaison between Richland’s Planning and Budgeting Committee and the students of Richland College.

The Richland College Student Government Association (RCSGA) was formed in November, 1999, in accordance with the guidelines set by Higher Education, Title 3, Section 54.5031: “Student Fee Advisory Committee.” A student fee advisory committee was established to make recommendations to the institution’s governing board and administration on such matters as the type, amount, and expenditure of compulsory fees for student services.

While these budget meetings are important, RCSGA often works in other ways to improve the experience of Richland’s students. RCSGA serves as a lobbying group, on behalf of the students.

In the past few years RCSGA has successfully deliberated on behalf of an on-line syllabus, developed solutions to combat book prices, as well as other concerns. These concerns are either taken up by the administration or RCSGA is allowed to develop its own solutions.

The administration also asks RCSGA members to serve on non-budgetary committees to discuss problems and to give input. Currently, members are invited to take part in the President’s Cabinet meeting.

There are four student organizations that Richland College takes part in. American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC), Texas Junior College Student Government Association (TJCSGA), Region II of the Texas Junior College Student Government Association (Region II), as well as working with other Student Governments throughout the Dallas County Community College District.

Being involved in RCSGA gives you an opportunity to affect change and improve campus life. It is a great way to serve the college and to work with people from diverse cultures.

Plus, colleges, universities and prospective employers recognize participation in Student Government as an indication of commitment and accomplishment.

Several educational workshops occur throughout the year. Members improve their leadership, team building, and problem solving skills.

General meetings are open to the public; upcoming meetings are posted on the RCSGA office door (E044).

Applications are available in the SPAR office (E040) and the RCSGA office (E044).