“Electronic “e”Portfolios provide an easy means for students to transport evidence of learning from one location to another, one course to another, one applied setting to another. In addition, they enable institutions and faculty to see beyond the transcript list of courses, titles and grades and delve into the demonstration of learning exhibited by students.”
-Terrell L. Rhodes, AAC&U Vice President for Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment

Richland College recognizes that learning focused electronic portfolios help students develop metacognitive skills and to be able to reflect more on their learning. The evidence of learning presented through the ePortfolio provides faculty and students with a pattern of how learning has occurred in the past and helps pave a forward-looking path for learning-to-learn using this dynamic resource.

Richland College introduced the use of Foliotek™ ePortfolios in EDUC 1300 Learning Framework and encourages and supports the use of ePortfolios in all disciplines. Because Foliotek™ is designed for ease of use with a portfolio first mentality, learners are able to focus on “folio thinking and learning” rather than the technology.

For additional information including upcoming ePortfolio professional development activities, contact:
Susan Long – slong@dcccd.edu.