Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Experienced learning technology enthusiasts
  • Online Learning and classroom faculty; full-time and adjunct
  • All academic schools represented
  • Faculty interested in serving please contact TEL-RLC@dcccd.edu
TEL Team Activities

eCampus Champions:
eCampus Champions represent each academic School and support their faculty answering questions and addressing concerns with eCampus, our learning management system.  A person within the School has a better understanding of the utilization of the eCampus course sites developed within that specific area and a greater recognition of resources needed to enhance the Online Learning program within their own school.

Peer Verification:
Peer Verification is a Faculty-to-Faculty course review process that ensures the quality of Online Learning at Richland College. Peer Verifiers and course instructors together grant assurance that every online course meets Richland College standards and SACS-COC requirements from the point of deployment throughout the course life-cycle. This Faculty-to-Faculty collaboration creates an atmosphere of shared experience, ideas and innovation.

LearnLab Training:
In order for LearnLabs to be utilized to their fullest faculty are required to complete a training set consisting of the full cooperative learning series and a LearnLab tech-session. TEL-Team LearnLab trainers conduct these tech sessions within the LearnLab environment highlighting tools and techniques for successful teaching and learning.

Technology Watchdogs:
TEL-Team members are always on the watch for new technologies, tools and techniques to improve the teaching/learning environment at Richland College.  Regular TEL gatherings bring conversation and demonstration to the table highlighting areas for exploration and innovation.