About The Council

The Council for Community Building was formed in Fall 2002 and is designed along with the Council for Teaching and Learning to enhance ongoing college-wide communication among all divisions and work groups in Richland’s large, complex organization. The Council functions as a forum to offer input and feedback on major issues and policies within the institution.

  • Council membership is comprised of representatives from all employee classifications and departments throughout the college.
  • Any member of the Council may be contacted for agenda items for future meetings. The council may call on any employee or student needed as a resource person on any given topic or conversation.
  • Additional employees and students may be involved, as needed, on task forces or to enlarge important conversations or to advise the Council.
  • The Council makes recommendations to the President’s Cabinet, when appropriate and is empowered to implement other actions determined jointly between the two councils and their ex-officio members.


The mission of the Council for Community Building is to establish open lines of communication among all those who have a stake in the success of Richland College to develop ideas, strategies and measures to improve Richland’s learning environment.

Wall of Honor

The Council for Community Building recognizes and celebrates Richland’s former and current students that have made unique contributions to Richland and our community. Each honored student has a framed photo and story on the Wall of Honor located in Crockett Hall.