Eggleston, Kay – Administration
Hueston, Bonnie – Co-Chair, Dean Dual Credit
Barkley, Susan – Co-Chair, Dean World Languages, Cultures and Communications
Andrews, Melinda, Faculty, LEAD
Blackman, Bonnie – Faculty, ACCESS
Boltrushek, Erin – Administrative Assistant, World Languages, Cultures and Communications
Dupuis, Steve – Multimedia
Ewing, Jon -Faculty, Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts
Irwin, Peter – Faculty, Engineering, Business, & Technology
Henderson, Lennijo – Library
Hightower, Charmayne – Facilities
Hill, Jada = Faculty, Mathematics, Science and Health Professions
Kammerer, Nancy – TOLI
Leffler, Terry – Senior Administrative Assistant in Business Services
Matter, Bill – Police
McClelland, Katie – Marketing and Public Relations
Minter, Tameca – Counselor, LakeSide Resource Center
Neal, Bill – Faculty, Physical Education
Noble, Helen – Continuing Education
Nguyen, Thuy Any – Multicultural Center
Pascal, Pablo – Webmaster
Rashed, Ahmed – Faculty, Mathematics, Science, and Health Professions
Rogers-Keim, Louise – Office of Student Life
Rosenbalm, Whitney – Director of Marketing and Public Relations