Wall of Honor Nomination Guidelines & Procedures

Once a year Richland College’s Council for Community Building will select current and/or former students to receive the Student Wall of Honor Award from a list of submitted nominees. Each winner will be recognized in a ceremony in the foyer of Crockett Hall and have their accomplishments and achievements installed on the Wall of Honor.


Any current or former Richland student, credit or continuing education, who has made a unique
contribution to the college or the community is eligible for nomination. Former nominees are
encouraged to re-apply. Former awardees are ineligible.


The Council for Community Building will request nominations from RLC via email. The Council for Community Building is comprised of representatives from various work areas, employee classifications, and departments throughout the college.

Determining the Student Wall of Honor Awardees

Once the nominations are received, the council will determine the winners by considering the categories listed below. The top five nominees are the Student Wall of Honor recipients.

  • Academic Success (might include)
    • Evidence of academic growth and course work
    • Development and upgrading through internships
    • Professional development
  • Contribution to the Community (might include)
    • Community involvement
    • Professional organizations
    • Volunteer activities
  • Perseverance Through or Despite Adversity (might include)
    • Overcoming significant obstacles, hardships, oppression, etc.
  • Other Accolades (might include)
    • Honors
    • Special awards
    • Recognition

All submitted nominations will be considered by the Council in February. Deadline varies yearly but will normally be between February and mid-March.

Notification of the Winners

Winners and their nominators will be notified of the ceremony date and location. Please verify contact information. Contact information must be current and accurate. Prior to the ceremony appointments will be made for photographs and interviews. Due to time constraints nominees must adhere to the deadlines. The Council will be obligated to choose another candidate if the nominee cannot be contacted or able to meet the deadlines.


Each winner will have their portraits and achievements installed on the Wall of Honor during a ceremony in the lobby of Crockett Hall. Retiring honorees will receive their portraits at this time. Announcements of the winners will be in the news section of Richland College and is covered by the Richland Chronicle student newspaper.