Richland College affirms these values for our learning and work together:

We speak and act truthfully, without hidden agendas. We admit our mistakes, say when we do not know, and honor our commitments. We avoid silence when it may mislead; we seek root causes and solve problems.

Mutual Trust:
We value students and employees as whole persons-sharing perspectives, valuing and accommodating both differences and commonalities, assuming our motives are trustworthy.

We believe whole people best learn, teach, serve, lead, and build community. Thus, our programs, services, and facilities nurture our unified mind-spirit-body and the emotional and intellectual intelligence requisite for meaningful lives.

We treat students and employees justly and expect the same in return-applying rules with equity, giving all the benefit of the doubt, and providing both compassionate support and challenge for individual success.

Considerate, Meaningful Communications:
We share information, ideas, and feelings-listening carefully, speaking forthrightly, respecting
diverse views, participating productively in dialogue and conversations. We welcome paradox and ambiguity as we move toward consensus.

We respect silence, using it for reflection and deeper understanding – not immediately filling silence with words after someone has spoken. We rush not to judgment but turn to wonder what was intended or being felt. Next, for clarity, we ask honest, open questions of ourselves and others.

We work with students and employees to achieve common goals-looking beyond self-interests. We offer both support and challenge, remain helpful and forgiving in difficult situations, help build consensus toward positive results, and help one another shape meaningful lives.

We value and encourage diversity in its many dimensions, intercultural competence, originality, and vision – appreciating and cultivating both local and world community.

Responsible Risk-Taking:
Inspiring students and employees to innovate, while expecting follow-through with creative ideas that work, we respond well to challenges, considering our actions carefully. Although uncertainties remain, we move forward despite possible criticism.

We value laughter, play, love, kindness, celebration, and joy in our learning and work-taking our learning and work seriously and ourselves lightly.