How do I register for Staff Enrichment classes?
  1. Go to the eConnect Employee Menu.
  2. Choose “Register for Staff Enrichment”
  3. In the term drop-down box, select the current term
  4. For Richland specific events, please use Richland – 800 as location, For District events, please leave location blank
  5. Enter course in the Course field
  6. Enter course number in the Course # field
  7. Enter section number in the Section # field
    Note: If you do not know the specific registration codes, you may enter other search criteria such as dates, class title, etc.
  8. Click Submit
  9. Select class by checking the Select Section Box to the left and click “submit”
  10. You will receive a confirmation showing that your registration was successfully received
How can I see my professional development credits for the current year?

To view your professional development transcript:

  1. Go to the eConnect Employee Menu.
  2. Under My Personal Information, click on Staff Enrichment Report.
  3. Select “All Terms” or one specific term, and click Submit.
There seems to be several items missing on my Staff Enrichment Transcript in e-Connect. How do I fix it?

The Staff Enrichment Report should always include sessions that are offered through TOLI and District Organizational Development (Org Dev). If you have completed other professional development items, you must submit them via our online TOLI Credit Form. If your transcript does not show all your TOLI and/or district sessions, please contact the TOLI office.

Are my credit hours reported to anyone throughout the academic year?

Richland’s Office of Planning & Research for Institutional Effectiveness, in coordination with the TOLI office, generates employee progress reports on a monthly basis throughout the academic year. The monthly reports are emailed to all supervisors.

Why doesn’t my staff enrichment report show that I attended Richland convocation or return week meetings and activities?

These items are no longer tracked on your Staff Enrichment transcript in eConnect.

How can I request Colleague, MS Office and other face-to-face software training?

Please follow the steps below to request a software training course from DCCCD Software Training & Support via our myPortal.

NOTE: All Class Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  1. Go in to the Internet (from any Web Browser – IE, Google, Firefox, or Safari…) and log in to myPortal at https://myportal.dcccd.edu.
  2. Navigate to the Employee Information Tab on the main menu bar.
  3. From the Employee Information Tab drop-down menu, click on Training & Development.
  4. Under Software Training and Support (on the LEFT of the screen), click on Class Request Form.
  5. Once the form opens, complete the Software Training Request Form.
    • Under Requestor College/Location, select your college or location from the drop-down box.
    • Enter your User ID (abc1234 = your 3×4), which is your Username (used to log in your work PC)
    • Enter your e-mail address
    • Enter your supervisor’s name
    • Under Class Request section, select your request from the drop-down box.
    • Type in any additional Comments pertaining to your Software Training Class Request (if needed)
    • Click the Submit Button