New Full-Time Employees

(First Year of Employment)

Employee expectations are described in detail in OPERATIONAL MEMORANDUM DEA-802 (Professional Development) and OPERATIONAL MEMORANDUM DEA-804 (Core Expectations)

All full-time employees (including new employees) will complete or attend the following Core Expectations each academic year:

  • FERPA Training XREG-2000-80000 (online class)*
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Training XREG-2000-80001 (online class)*
  • Keeping Safe in a Campus Emergency XSAF-1001-80000 (online class)*
  • College Convocation (Fall Semester)
  • Richland College Graduation Ceremony (Administrators and Faculty only)
  • Fall and Spring Return Week Meetings and Activities (Instructional Administrators and Faculty only)

Note: Attendance at Convocation, Graduation and Return Week Meetings is not documented in the Staff Enrichment Report in eConnect.

All new full-time employees will complete or attend the following during their first year of employment:

  • Richland College New Employee Orientation XNEO-3000-80000/80001 (first day of employment)
  • Lakeside Chat XNEO-3002-8000x
  • eConnect Basics XCMP-1000-85002 (online class)*
  • Intercultural Competence XICC-100x-8000x (begins during first year of employment)

New full-time faculty and those who teach as part of their load will also complete the following:

  • eCampus Face-to-face Certification XDLP-2003-94501 (online class)*
  • Richland Visions of Excellence XVOE-100x-80000 (3 sessions / first year of employment)
  • Cooperative Learning Series XCPL-100x/2000-80000 (4 sessions / second year of employment)

* Must be completed within the first 60 days of employment

Note: After their first year, new employees will complete the Core Expectations and at least 12 hours of Individual Professional Development in accordance with Operational Memorandum DEA-804 (Core Expectations) and Operational Memorandum DEA-802 (Professional Development).

First Year Checklist for New Full-time Staff and Administrators

Checklist for New Full-time Faculty and Those Who Teach as Part of Their Load