One-click access to common tools

Looking for eCampus or eConnect? Maybe you need to access your email quickly? With the new Tools Menu, you can access all these tools from any page on the website.



Resources for everyone

Find resources for students, faculty and staff from the Resources For Menu. This menu is accessible from any page on the website.



Search the entire website, immediately

With the new Mobius Search, you can search across the entire website, right as you type. Mobius Search will search the website, the staff directory and the schedule. Not sure where a building is? Try typing “Where is Bonham”. Know a class registration number? Just type it into the search box and let Mobius do the heavy lifting.



What’s going on around campus?

Find out what the latest news is on campus with an always up to date News Area that pulls from Richland’s lively blogging platform and Twitter feed.



Quick cost calculator

Wonder how much it will cost to go to Richland? How about how much you could save compared to a nearby university? Find the perfect amount of classes to take that will fit your budget and spend the rest on something you love.

Start browsing the new site now!