English for Speakers of Other Languages

For over 20 years, Richland’s ESOL Department has been helping Dallas’ foreign-born residents learn English and pursue their academic and professional dreams. The department currently serves over 1,300 students each semester, making it one of the largest in the county.

Prospective students receive free testing and advising in the College’s Multicultural Center. After individual counseling, they register in one of three programs, each designed to meet students’ varying needs:

  • American English and Culture Institute (AECI) meets the special requirements of F-1 visa holders.
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) provide Individual skill-based courses offer flexible scheduling for busy students, including online/classroom classes which combine classroom and online learning;
  • ESOL Intensive Learning Communities (ILC) provide a fast-paced, integrated approach to language learning;
  • ESOL Online blends language lessons with the power of Web 2.0 for fun, interactive learning from any computer with an internet connection; and

Students with little knowledge of English can begin their studies in non-credit courses, offered through Continuing Education, and transition seamlessly into one of the credit programs.

Small, learner-centered classes, experienced faculty, a staff dedicated to student success, and a special computer lab all add to the Richland ESOL experience.

Note to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Students

if you have not passed reading and writing sections of TSI by the time you reach Level 4 ESOL, you will be required to take ESOL 0034 Academic Listening/Speaking for College and Career Success, instead of HDEV 0092 which is required for all non-ESOL students.

This advanced ESOL course will develop academic speaking skills through a focus on academic and career planning. Students will participate in group projects and presentations which are based on career assessment, information gathering, and networking experiences. The goal is to strengthen critical thinking skills and readiness for college study and decision making.

For more information, contact the Multicultural Center at 972-238-6291.

ESOL Dept. Contact InformationDept. Office: Wichita Hall WH-250
Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean: Linda Wroten
Phone: 972-238-6154
Instructional Dean: Diana M. Urrutia
Phone: 972-238-6104
Lead Faculty EAP Writing & Grammar: Dr. Barbara Dogger
Phone: 972-238-6908
Lead Faculty EAP Listening/Speaking, Reading & ESOL Online: Mary Peacock
Phone: 972-761-6849
Lead Faculty, ESOL Intensive Learning Community (ILC): Cynthia Miller
Phone: 972-238-3754
Lead Faculty, American English and Culture Institute (AECI): John Drezek
Phone: 972-238-6940