ESOL Online

ESOL Online provides access to learning materials around the clock and from around the world. This program is designed for the busy student who enjoys using computers to learn.

  • easy-to-follow multi-media lessons with streamed video and audio;
  • interactive exercises which provide immediate feedback;
  • dedicated instructors who provide students with individual attention; and,
  • opportunities to meet online with instructors and other students.

All instructors are experienced in teaching ESOL and specially trained to teach online.
Advanced ESOL Courses Offered

Students in Level 4 Reading evaluate authors’ credibility, identify bias, analyze the strength of arguments, and critically review literary works in preparation for college-level coursework. Readings are selected from a variety of disciplines and include fiction and non-fiction from historical and contemporary sources. Successful completion of this course satisfies the TSI requirement in reading.

This advanced writing course prepares students for college research and essay writing. Students identify topics of interest, conduct research, and develop a research-based persuasive/argumentative essay. The capstone project provides the context for learning essential skills such as paraphrasing and summarizing. This course must be taken with ESOL Grammar Level 4. Successful completion of this course satisfies the TSI requirement in writing.

Grammar Level 4
Grammar Level 4 focuses students’ attention on editing, with special attention given to common errors such as sentence fragments, run-ons, and comma splices. Through individualized online exercises, students improve their ability to communicate effectively using standard English grammar.

Listening/Speaking Level 4
Coming soon!

Courses at other levels are being planned.


For more information, contact Mary Peacock, or 972-761-6849.

To register, visit the Multicultural Center in Thunderduck Hall, Room T150, or call 972-238-6900.