Did you know?

French is spoken in more than two dozen countries on five continents. It is the second most widely learned language after English, and considered the second most influential language in the world. French is an official working language in multiple international organizations, including United Nations, the International Red Cross, European Union and Olympic Committee. Knowing the French language will increase your job opportunities and allow you to compete effectively in the global market. With French you can communicate with French speakers around the word, benefit more from travel experiences, and gain a valuable understanding of cultural and business practices abroad.

Learning French will help you to increase your proficiency in English, as the richest source of vocabulary in English derives not directly from Latin, but from French. This is a language of culture, art, fashion, cuisine and cinema. With French you can access great literary masterpieces, as well as films and songs in their original form.

Richland College uses Mitschke, Cherie, and Cheryl Tano. Promenades: A travers le monde francophone. 2nd ed., a contemporary audio-visual program that integrates a variety of authentic materials that make learning fun and effective. Customs and cultural insights are widely presented in this program.

Study Tips

French is a living language. It lives in context. In class you will experience language immersion. The teaching process is a progressive and repetitive system to build the language along the way. It requires motivation, focus, regular attendance and active participation on the part of the learner. But learning French is also a game with its rules and the fun of doing something new, challenging, useful and so rewarding. It will open new doors to an influential modern society that combines the ancient and the new with elegance and quality of life.



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