Japanese is one of the world’s ten most widely-spoken languages. The Japanese language and culture have become very popular and widespread in present-day America. Are you a Japanese manga or animé fan? Are you a technophile interested in the latest cool technologies from Japan? There is a growing Japanese community in the Dallas-Fort worth area, and there are Japanese companies headquartered here as well.

Taking Japanese may interest you if you are:

  • working toward a college degree and need foreign language credit.
  • seeking professional and personal enrichment.
  • seeking Dual Credit opportunities.
  • trying to do business with a Japanese partner.
  • interested in Japanese culture.

Learning the Japanese language will help you open your eyes to the Japanese world. Although acquiring the language may feel like a challenge at times, the on-campus and online classes at Richland College offer you the opportunity to learn while having fun. Faculty members are dedicated, highly-trained and professional individuals who provide student-oriented instruction. The aim of our program, besides teaching you the language, is to help you understand Japanese culture while strengthening communication skills, which are much needed in this global economy. We invite you to embrace the challenge and let a gust of wind from the East refresh your life.

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Jiajun Bracewell