International F1 Visa Students

Thank you for your interest in Richland College. As one of the most popular international education destinations in the State of Texas, Richland College offers:

Good educational value

  • Most class sizes are small (15 students) and will allow the student personal attention from the instructor.
  • Richland College guarantees the transfer of credit. All core classes taken at Richland College will transfer completely as a block to all Texas public colleges and universities.
  • Richland College offers lower tuition fees ($4,200 estimated tuition for 9-month academic year) than most state sponsored or private colleges/ universities in the area. View the tuition schedule.

Quality campus

  • Beautiful: Richland College is located on 243 acres in North Dallas. The campus consists of a spring-fed creek, two picturesque lakes, a performance hall, a labyrinth, and an athletic complex which includes a fitness center.
  • Safe: Our campus police work hard to keep the campus safe. Emergency call boxes are available around campus that provide immediate access to the College Police 24 hours a day.
  • Friendly: The staff and the students have a warm, friendly and caring attitude towards international students.

Great Location

Accreditation & Awards