Financial Guide

Evidence of Sufficient Support for the Academic Year

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations require non-immigrant students to verify that they will have the necessary funds available to pay for all educational and living expenses as an F-1 student. Students will need to provide a financial statement with supporting bank documents. All financial and supporting documents must be issued within the last three months.

The following documents are required from the sponsor:

  • Current bank statement or bank letter showing a minimum of $18,000 U.S. dollars and issued within the last three months (if providing a business / company bank statement, the balance must show a minimum of $ 36,000 U.S. dollars).
    An Affidavit of Support Form must be completed and signed by the same person who provides a bank statement (names on the Affidavit of Support Form and on the bank statement must match). Additional information, such as a business license or proof of ownership, is needed when providing business bank statements.
  • Affidavit of Support – Form I-134 (If the sponsor lives in the United States). A copy of most recent W-2 form, tax return, or employment verification letter including annual salary may be required. Get Instructions for Form I-134
  • Non U.S. Sponsorship Form (If the sponsor lives outside of the United States)
  • Self Sponsorship Form (If you are sponsoring yourself)
Academic Year Expenses
(estimated average expenses for 9 month academic year)
Tuition/Fees* $5,200
Living Expenses$12,000
Total estimate for Fall & Spring$18,000
*Students are expected to pay tuition in full upon registration.

These are average cost figures. This amount is for a single student living away from home and may vary according to individual circumstances. Additional financial support must be shown for dependents.

Each Child$3,000