Transfer Out/SEVIS Release

Before you transfer to another school please contact an International Student Advisor for the proper procedures.

If you are an F-1 visa student at Richland College and you wish to transfer to another college or university:

  • Seek guidance from an International Student Advisor at the school where you are planning to transfer.
  • If required, submit the Transfer Clearance Form to an International Student Advisor at Richland College to verify your status.
  • In order to request a transfer of your SEVIS record to the school of your choice, you must submit the following to an International Student Advisor in the Multicultural Center, or via e-mail to
    • a letter of acceptance (with a starting semester information) from the transfer school, and
    • the Richland College SEVIS Release Form with completed Student Portion of the form
  • Once your record has been released in SEVIS to the transfer school, Richland College will not have access to your SEVIS record.

SEVIS Release Form