Student Testimonials

“My speech class helped me in many different ways. First of all, I learned to feel more comfortable talking in front of others. My fear of public speaking greatly decreased due to this class. I also learned how to engage in effective and productive relational communication. I learned about other cultures and why is important to show respect for diversity. I am glad it was a requirement because I had a blast learning so much about communication and met great people who also had a fear of public speaking and finally got over it. I enjoyed that we got to share our life experiences with the class during our speeches. I learned so much about my classmates, and this class made me feel at home. My time spent in this class was definitely worth it. I would take another speech class!”

“When my Richland advisor signed me up for speech class, I was not happy and viewed speech to be avoided if at all possible. Looking back, I sincerely believe that speech has taught me both the art and power of communication. Speech has given me the tools to become a competent and effective communicator. I have no doubt that my future success, from interviewing for a job to delivering a speech, will be attributed to this experience. How glad I am that this course was not simply “voluntary”!”

“Taking speech class has been very important for me personally because I have had difficulty in the past with organizing my thoughts when speaking publicly. Learning the format and techniques in speech has helped me in this area. Speech has also assisted in fine tuning my acting skills. It is essential that everyone be exposed to speech class. At one point or another, most individuals will be forced to speak in a group and it is imperative to have the skills to be professional.”

“My experience in speech class has really opened up my eyes. It wasn’t anything like my high school class! This class has helped me become more comfortable speaking in front of people at events and in everyday life. I went to a banquet and was asked to present the awards five minutes before the event started. I was the only person comfortable enough to speak in front of the audience without being nervous or having awkward pauses. This class has helped me understand audience analysis. It is really useful for the future, especially since I am planning to become a teacher.”

“Going to speech class was always like a breath of fresh air. It was not only my favorite class I have EVER taken, but it was incredibly helpful in expanding my intellect, and also helpful in gaining knowledge in real world situations. I have never had a class like speech before. The curriculum revolves around me, the student, and how we as humans communicate. It is not simply getting up and speaking, that is just the surface of the class. I believe this kind of curriculum is incredibly important in the growth of a college student.”

“This speech class helped to boost my confidence in public speaking. I learned many things about communicating with people of different backgrounds and I learned valuable skills in preparing research projects. I know that I will take those things away in my future studies at Richland and beyond. Thank you for preparing me for the next step in my college education.”

“Speech class me taught me about communication in different countries. It has made me a stronger public speaker and taught me the correct formats to use for a successful speech.”